The Insurance Section of the Council handles all of our insurance needs, from arranging cover to providing a claims handling service.

We do not deal with claims relating to slips, trips and falls on the public highway. This is the responsibility of Leicestershire County Council. If you have a claim please contact them on 0800 626203 or visit the Leicestershire County Council website.

Property damage caused by refuse collectors

If you have suffered personal injury or property damage which has been caused by operatives working for our refuse contractors you will need to contact .

Public liability claims

Public liability claims: If you have suffered personal injury or if your property has been damaged

Motor claims

Motor claims: If you have suffered vehicle/property damage or personal injury which has involved a council vehicle


Leaseholders: As a condition of your lease, we take out building insurance cover for your property. An amount is included within your service charge to cover the insurance premium.

Tenants' home contents insurance

Tenants' Home Contents Insurance: If you are a tenant of ours, your home will be insured by us. However, this insurance cover is for the building only and not anything inside it. You are free to find your own insurance but we can offer you a special household contents insurance scheme, only available to Charnwood Borough Council Customers, which you can pay at the same time as your rent.

If you need further details please contact the Housing Operations Business Support Team on 01509 634666.

Last updated: Tue 18th April, 2023 @ 14:59