This web page contains information about land drainage.

Landowners are responsible for watercourses on their property and therefore ensuring water can flow freely. Charnwood Borough Council is responsible for ensuring water flows freely through the property it owns.  

Leicestershire County Council is the Lead Local Flood Authority. It is also responsible for clearing gullies. 

Flooding advice

Sustainable drainage

Sustainable Drainage is a sequence of management practices and control structures designed to drain surface water in a more sustainable fashion than traditional piped systems with the aim of:

  • relieving damage caused by flooding and reducing flood volumes and/or flow rates
  • improving water quality
  • protecting and improving the environment
  • protecting health and safety
  • ensuring the stability and durability of drainage systems

Leicestershire County Council is the Lead Local Flood Authority and the Systems Approval Body (SAB) for Leicestershire. More information can be found on the Leicestershire County Council website.

More information on land drainage

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