We are responsible for maintaining the Local Land Charges Register and for providing Official Local Authority Searches from the register as well as other records held by Charnwood Borough Council.

Land/property searches are part of the conveyancing process when land/property is bought, sold or remortgaged.

Fees and Charges

All prices include VAT unless stated otherwise.

Search/Service Type 

Fee from 01/04/2024

Standard Full Search (LLC1 & CON29) 


Standard Full Search Additional Parcel


LLC1 (VAT exempt)


LLC1 Additional Parcel (VAT exempt)




CON29 Additional Parcel


CON29O Questions 4 to 21


CON29O Question 22


Copy of Legal Document (VAT exempt)


Official Local Authority Searches and Ordering

An Official Local Authority Search normally consists of 2 elements, a search of the Local Land Charges Register (LLC1) and a set of standardised questions devised by the Law Society relating to information relevant to the land/property but not forming part of the Local Land Charges Register (CON29). For more information about Official Local Authority Searches, please visit this webpage.

As of Wednesday May 22, 2024, our turnaround time could fall behind and there will be a delay in queries being responded to. This is due to a UK Parliamentary General Election taking place on Thursday July 4, 2024. We are affected by elections as our department covers both Local Land Charges and Elections.

Our current turnaround time for official searches is 10 working days.

We do not offer an expedited service or accept urgent requests.

Please note that since November 1, 2023 we no longer accept cash or cheque as payment for search requests.

Submit an Official Local Authority Search

Personal Searches

A personal search is carried out at our council offices in person and allows you to inspect and make notes from a printed report of all the entries held on our Local Land Charges Register against a parcel of land. The report we provide is a copy of the raw data only - it is unchecked, unverified and unofficial. As a result, it is up to the person inspecting the personal search to record any information they feel is relevant. We are unable to provide advice or interpret these results.

A personal search only consists of a search of the Local Land Charges registers and no replies will be given to the CON29 enquiries.

Personal search appointments are on an appointment only basis. To book an appointment or amend an existing appointment, please call us on 01509 634516. You can visit the council offices during opening hours on the date of your appointment. Please make sure you leave enough time to inspect and make notes from the personal search report(s) before the council offices close or you may have to re-book your appointment. Please visit this webpage to see our opening times.

Viewing/Requesting Documents

To find out further information about planning permissions and/or Charnwood Borough Council Section 106 agreements, please visit our Planning department’s webpage. If you have a planning enquiry, please contact our Planning department.

To find out further information about building control applications, please visit our Building Control department’s webpage. If you have a building control enquiry, please contact our Building Control department.

To request other documents revealed in the results of your search, please contact us and we'll let you know whether we're able to provide you with a copy. A copy of a document costs £17.

Useful Information

Land Ownership and Property Boundaries

We do not hold land ownership information. Please visit this webpage for further information about land ownership.

We do not hold property boundary information. Please visit this webpage for further information about property boundaries.

How to Buy/Sell a Home

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government have released guides to help the general public when both trying to buy and sell a home.

How to Buy a Home

How to Sell a Home

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