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Planning applications

Planning permission is the formal permission from us for the development of land, property or any other building project.

Some projects may not require planning permission, but be aware that if you begin a project without legally obtaining planning permission and it turns out you DO need it this could result in enforcement action being taken, and you could end up with a fine and /or a criminal conviction.

So it makes sense to begin with asking yourself, do I need planning permission?

View, comment or appeal an application

In some instances you may wish to view or comment a planning application, be it your own or someone else’s which may affect you. The following links can help you understand the process of viewing, commenting on or even appealing against a planning decision.

The Planning Explorer website gives you real-time information on planning applications, allowing you to search for a specific application or look over new or undetermined applications and recent decisions. 

To view documents in Planning Explorer you will need to be using an up-to-date internet browser and operating system. Examples of this are Windows 7, 8, or 10 and recently updated browsers such as IE10, IE11, Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Older systems may not display these documents.

Planning applications explained

Once you have decided that yes, you do need planning permission, you will need to make an application. A planning application is a formal application put to the council, outlining your plans and considerations for the building project you hope to complete.

Most planning applications are submitted online, so to start yours just head over to the Planning Portal, where you can complete your application form, buy site location plans, upload supporting documents and pay fees online.

 If you would like to know a little more about the process, what help you can receive, or to make sure that you have everything that you need for an application, follow the links below.

An accredited agent can present the application on your behalf and act as your voice throughout the process.

Can I make changes after planning permission has been granted?

If you want to make any any changes to the plans that have been approved you should contact us with the details before starting work.

Any amendment to a permitted scheme needs our consent, unless changes are very small and do not change the permission in any way. If you wish to make more significant changes you will have to make a further planning application.

If your planning permission was granted with conditions and you want to vary or remove a condition attached to it you can submit a removal or variation application with the relevant fee.

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