Loughborough has secured a £16.9m Town Deal from Government. Organisations and people from across the town are working together to deliver projects to make the town better for local people, businesses and visitors. 11 projects have been chosen to receive Town Deal funding.

  • £16.9m town deal funding
  • 11 Projects for the town
  • £40m Total investment value across the projects

The Projects

Loughborough Wood Brook Flood Risk Management Scheme

  • Flood risk management scheme for Loughborough town centre
  • It will protect residential and non-residential properties
  • Supports economic development and regeneration

The Generator - Creative Industries & Community Arts Hub

  • Creation of a Creative Industries & Community Arts Hub
  • Will bring a derelict 1930s building back to use as an arts venue, visitor attraction & workspace for creative industries
  • It includes a multimedia arts centre café and restaurant

Loughborough College Digital Skills Hub

  • Creation of Digital Skills Hub at the college
  • Help for unemployed and semi-skilled adults
  • Boost skills for local people and businesses

Living Loughborough Project

  • Rejuvenation of Loughborough town centre
  • Increase outdoor seating and dining areas
  • Add semi-permanent stalls to encourage pop-ups and street activity
  • Improved lighting and CCTV

Healthy and Innovative Loughborough

  • Utilise Loughborough University innovation and knowledge to support business innovation and growth
  • Contribute to 220 jobs and support 70 new businesses.
  • Increase employment space at the Science & Enterprise Park

Bedford Square Gateway Project

  • Improving the public realm of Loughborough town centre
  • Making pavements wider and more attractive to visitors and easier to navigate for pedestrians
  • The scheme aims to drive footfall for local businesses

John Taylor’s Bell Foundry: Saving the last major bell foundry in Britain

  • Remove the Foundry from the heritage ‘at risk’ register
  • Create a new Bell Museum with improved access
  • Attract more visitors and increase tourism

Riverside Regeneration

  • Improve 2km of the Grand Union Canal through the town centre
  • Resurface and make the towpath more accessible and installation of signage, wayfinding, and access points
  • Increase the number of mooring sites

Careers and Enterprise Hub

  • Support for the Careers and Enterprise Hub which opened in Loughborough in 2021
  • The hub helps people, young and old, develop skills or start a business
  • Contributes to levelling up opportunities and economic activity

Great Central Railway

  • The project will support the creation of a new Heritage Locomotive Works and Education Centre
  • It will help to preserve and develop rare employment skills
  • It will also boost tourism. GCR attracts over 110,000 visitors per annum

Lanes and Links

  • This project will create a Covid-19 memorial, The Hope Bell, and improve access routes in the Queen’s Park area

Last updated: Mon 24th January, 2022 @ 08:10