Charnwood Community Heroes Awards 2018

Heroes come in all forms and sometimes it is the small things people do which make a huge difference to those around them.

In 2018, these heroes included:

  • Community groups bringing communities together
  • Community groups which set amazing events and invest surplus money into local projects like libraries etc.
  • Community centred businessman who ‘who goes about his daily life trying only to make a difference in peoples’ lives where he lives and works’ creating thriving community place around his business
  • A woman who ‘comes in and brings things for people less fortunate than herself’ and helps to create ‘a chart saying where there is opportunities for people to get meals, food parcels and clothes’
  • A young man who helps young people to overcome their difficulties while struggling with disabilities himself
  • People who give their own time to local projects from running sessions for young and old, to helping with admin and putting together numerous applications which enable lots of great work happening in Charnwood
  • And then there are people who go above and beyond their job descriptions and their working hours when working on community projects…These are just few examples of the great range of nominations from 2018.

Here are the names of all the nominations:

  • Hastings Community Association
  • Joanne Lipman
  • Shaun Crate
  • Sue and Terry Neal
  • Chapman Street Gardening Association
  • Robert James Butler
  • Rebekah Spriggs
  • Wanda Berdej
  • Akkas Miah
  • Dipul Modha
  • Transisitions
  • Three Close Tenants Association
  • Hathern Community Library Trustees and Volunteers
  • Steve Carr
  • Kevin Glover
  • Barrie Ball
  • Volunteers of Above & Beyond - Developing Potential
  • Sidings Park Area Residents Association
  • Hathern Village Association
  • Tobias Gould
  • Meg Bezzano Griffiths
  • Paul Dexter
  • Dominic Harkin
  • Damian Harkin
  • Karen Frostick
  • Penny Hopkins
  • Elaine Salt

Looking forward to a heroic 2019!

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