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Outwoods Restoration Project

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The Outwoods has entered a five-year Countryside Stewardship scheme run by Natural England and the Forestry Commission.

The scheme aims to preserve the ecology and habitats found in the Outwoods.

The Council is working alongside the Outwoods Management Committee to gradually remove non-native coniferous trees over the next 10 years to return the Outwoods to a natural acid oak woodland.

The coniferous trees such as Scots pine and European larch were planted around 80 years ago as a crop but add little to wildlife and plants in the local area. Over the years the non-native conifer trees have stopped native plants from growing and some wildlife from flourishing.

Native trees such as rowan and birch will be encouraged to grow back naturally, and oak trees will be planted in the areas where coniferous trees have been removed.

The first phase took place in November and December 2019 and the first oak trees were planted in February 2020.

More information can be found on the frequently asked questions page.

A short video outlining the project can be viewed below:

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