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We have several scrutiny committees which hold the executive to account by scrutinising decisions and policies.

Scrutiny can also look at local issues and make recommendations to the Council and partner organisations.

Our scrutiny system has changed following recommendations by the Centre for Public Scrutiny in 2018. That means we now have three scrutiny committees for our three directorates:

  • Corporate Services
  • Neighbourhoods and Wellbeing
  • Housing, Planning and Regeneration and Regulatory Services

The over-arching committee is called the Scrutiny Commission which co-ordinates the work of scrutiny and can instigate scrutiny panels to look at specific issues.  It also undertakes pre-decision scrutiny.

The ability to create panels to investigate specific issues has been retained.

There is also a call-in committee which has an established membership and will scrutinise Cabinet decisions when required.

The chairs of the committees are as follows:

  • Scrutiny Commission – Cllr Shona Rattray
  • Corporate Services Scrutiny Committee – Cllr Geoff Parsons
  • Neighbourhoods and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee – Cllr Jewel Miah
  • Housing, Planning and Regeneration and Regulatory Services Scrutiny Committee - Cllr Daniel Grimley
  • Scrutiny Call-in Committee – Cllr Shona Rattray
  • For information on meetings and agendas, please visit our committees page.
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