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The Outwoods Management Committee

For the latest information on service changes, advice and support, please visit

Our offices are now closed to the public so we would encourage you to access services and information through this website.

The Outwoods Management Committee exists to safeguard the rural beauty of The Outwoods and ensure that appropriate, well maintained, visitor facilities are provided.

The Committee consists of five local residents and eight district councillors, and is responsible for strategic decisions regarding the management of The Outwoods.

The Outwoods Management Committee’s business meetings are open to members of the public, and on two occasions each year these meetings are preceded by a site visit which users of The Outwoods are invited to attend. These site visits offer an opportunity for visitors to question members of the Management Committee and to pass on their comments or concerns.

Next Meeting: 29th January 2020

You will find all agendas, minutes and any other information regarding the meetings below.

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