We have established a Member Conduct committee to assist in maintaining and promoting our high standards of conduct.

The committee is made up of seven cross party councillors and three co-opted, non-voting parish council representatives. 

The Member Conduct committee has the following roles and functions:

  • Assisting us in promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct
  • Providing advice and guidance to councillors on the members' code of conduct
  • Considering any hearings into complaints of a breach of the members’ code of conduct

The committee is also responsible for considering hearings in relation to the 27 parish and town councils in the borough.

What is the members’ code of conduct?

All our councillors are required to agree to abide by the members' code of conduct. The code sets out the obligations of councillors and co-opted members. The code can be found in Part five of the council's constitution.

If you wish to make a complaint about a councillor that has breached the members' code of conduct it should be made to our Monitoring Officer.

What is the register of members’ interests?

Part of the code requires that all councillors (borough and parish/town) are required to register their interests in a register which is open to inspection by the public. If you would like to view the register please contact us.

The things that have to be registered include:

  • Councillors’ employment
  • Financial interests relating to businesses
  • Details of any contracts with us
  • Any land in which the councillor has a beneficial interest.

The register also includes details of certain organisations that councillors belong to, whether nominated by us, or in their own right and any gifts or hospitality they receive in the course of their duties as a councillor over the value of £25.

Last updated: Tue 28th July, 2020 @ 11:17