The following sites are maintained by our Ranger Service:

Astra Zenecca

Mardale Way

Birstall Wet Woodland

Melody Avenue

Bishops Meadow - LNR/LWS/St'ship

Moat Road

Booth Wood - LWS

Morley Quarry - LNR/LWS/St'ship

Bramcote Road

Outwoods - SSSI

Buckingham Drive

Paradise Close (hedgerow)


Pear Tree OS

Castledine Str Extension/Humphrey Close

Pevency Road

Charnwood Water - LWS

Pignut Spinney LWS/St'ship

Coach Road (Shepshed)

Radmoor Road Copse

Conway Close

Ravensthorpe Drive

Dishley Pool - LWS

Sandringham Drive

Eliot Close

Shelthorpe Road

Farley Way Lake - LWS

Shelthorpe Social Club

Gorse Covert - LWS

Stapleford Park Copse

Grange Park

Stonebow Washlands - LWS/St'ship

Halstead Centenary Pastures LNR/LWS/St'ship

Swithland Close

Hoby Road - LWS

The Grange (Rothley) ?

Irwin Close

The Old Rectory

Jubilee Park Planting Block

Thorpe Acre Green

Knightthorpe Bungalows

Tuckers Road

Lewis Road

Woodbrook Farm Corridor

Key for Abbreviations

  • SSSI – Site of Special Scientific Interest
  • LWS – Local Wildlife Site
  • LNR – Local Nature Reserve
  • St’ship – Steward Ship

To contact the Ranger Service please call 07890999176.

Last updated: Wed 16th November, 2022 @ 14:17