The Council, as a landlord and registered provider of social housing is subject to regulation by the Regulator of Social Housing.

The Regulator of Social Housing is focused on ensuring that landlords, including the Council, meet the standards set for social housing providers. This includes that the Council is well-managed and financially viable, provides tenants with decent, safe and energy efficient accommodation and choice and protection, operates in a transparent manner and that its tenants can hold their landlords to account.

If the Council identifies it is not complying with the required standards, it is expected to report this to the regulator, so it can investigate the issue and take the appropriate action. Enforcement action can include issuing financial penalties or sanctions on landlords. Other parties such as tenants and the Housing Ombudsman can also report potential breaches of legislation/standards.

Further information about the Regulator of Social Housing can be found on the website.

Information for social housing tenants about the Regulator of Social Housing and the Housing Ombudsman, including how residents can obtain support, can be found at

The senior council officer responsible for the Council’s compliance with regulatory standards is Peter Oliver, the Director of Housing and Wellbeing. 

Tenant Satisfaction Measures

As part of the Regulator of Social Housing’s commitment to improve transparency within the social housing sector, the Council, like all large social housing providers has collected, and will report on [to government] a set of tenant satisfaction measures.

The tenant satisfaction measures are used as a measure of how landlords are performing and how satisfied tenants are with their services.

The Council has shared the results of its tenant satisfaction survey with its Housing Management Advisory Board.  The Board also receives regular performance reports which contain information around how the Council is performing on the range of other tenant satisfaction measures, and local priorities.  Information about the Housing Management Board and reports setting out performance levels can be found below:

Committee details - Housing Management Advisory Board

More information about ways in which tenants and leaseholders can get involved in the delivery and scrutiny of housing services can be found below:

Council tenant engagement

Health and Safety of Tenants

The Regulator of Social Housing has set out specific expectations that the Council must:

  • Identify and meet all legal requirements that relate to the health and safety of tenants in their homes and communal areas.
  • Ensure that that all required actions arising from legally required health and safety assessments are carried out within appropriate timescales.
  • Ensure that the safety of tenants is considered in the design and delivery of landlord services and take reasonable steps to mitigate any identified risks to tenants.

If you are a tenant or leaseholder of the Council and have any concerns regarding health and safety issues relating to your home or the building you live in, Janet Glass, the Head of Landlord Services and her team can be contacted on:


Telephone: 01509 634 666

By visiting or writing to:

Charnwood Borough Council
Southfield Road
LE11 2TX

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