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Temporary road closures

Our Customer Service Centre on Southfield Road is now open for essential enquiries by appointment only. Please be aware that it is mandatory for face coverings to be worn on the premises. More information, including how to make an appointment, can be found in this news story.

If the potential road closure is not on a through route, and does not require a diversion, Charnwood Borough Council may be able to grant a temporary road closure if it appears that any streets may be crowded or obstructed for:

  • Processions
  • Public rejoicing
  • Street Parties
  • Christmas light illuminations
  • Celebrations of marked events e.g. Bonfire Night, May Day, Diwali, Christmas
  • Wakes
  • Fairs
  • Remembrance day events

If your event falls into one of the categories above please contact our Business Support team on:

All other road closures will require the approval of Leicestershire County Council.  You should contact their Highways team on:

If your planned temporary road closure is associated with an event that will take place on council owned land, or in Loughborough Market Place or the town centre, you will need to make an application to us for the use of this land. Further information can be found on our main events page

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