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The General Election results are in and the declaration for the Loughborough and Charnwood constituencies can be found on the General Election 2019 results webpage.

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Happy Mondays: Speech Bubble

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Mon 9th December, 2019, 7pm to 8pm

Mon 9 December, 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Venue: Cogs, Loughborough Students' Union

£5 / £3 students

Join us for an evening of performance poetry showcasing spoken talent on campus alongside professional poets. Speech Bubble includes an open mic slot for students and staff, which is open to anyone willing to perform for a live audience. If you are interested in performing then contact LU Arts in advance by emailing

This event is open to students, staff and members of the general public.

Speech Bubble will be organised by the creative writing/spoken word scholarship winner for 2019/20.

Photography and/or filming may be taken at this event. If you do not consent to your photo being taken/being filmed and used for publicity purposes, then please alert the photographer/videographer/event organiser on the day.