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Upcoming Meetings

Residents can ask questions at an Overview Scrutiny Group meeting. To ask a question please send a copy of it to by 12pm six working days before the meeting.

  • 13th Aug 2018 18:30 (Council Offices, Southfields)


Councillor Pauline Ranson

Cllr. Pauline Ranson

(Vice Chair)

Conservative councillor for Barrow & Sileby West.

Parish Councillor for Barrow Upon Soar.

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Councillor Matthew Brookes

Cllr. Matthew Brookes

Conservative councillor for Thurmaston.

Parish Councillor for Thurmaston.

Councillor Paling 2011

Cllr. Andy Paling

Conservative councillor for Sileby.

Parish Councillor for Sileby.

Councillor John Sutherington 2011

Cllr. John Sutherington

Liberal Democrat councillor for Anstey.

Parish Councillor for Anstey.

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