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This page shows the listed buildings in Charnwood. The entries are listed alphabetically by address. An entry may consist of more than one individual building. If you cannot find the building or entry you may need to check adjoining parishes or settlements.

The descriptions give the salient features of each property in order to aid identification: they are not intended to be either comprehensive or exclusive.

Statutory Listing covers all parts of the property and its curtilage, ie all internal and external elements whether described or not.

209 - 215 Forest Road, Woodhouse (Grade II)

Listed on Wed 1st June, 1966

Beaumanor Hall, Woodhouse (Grade II*)

Listed on Tue 21st March, 1972

72 Bradgate Road, Anstey (Grade II)

Listed on Wed 19th November, 1975

102 Bradgate Road, Anstey (Grade II)

Listed on Mon 12th February, 1979

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