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Animal boarding

Anyone who wishes to carry on the business of providing accommodation for other peoples cats and dogs must apply to us for a licence. Before the licence is issued, we must be satisfied that the premises are adequate in terms of;

  • construction, size, number of occupants, exercise facilities, temperature,lighting, ventilation and cleanliness
  • that animals will be adequately supplied with food and drink, bedding material, adequately exercised and visited at suitable intervals
  • that adequate precautions are in place in case of infectious disease
  • that adequate fire and emergency precautions are in place
  • that a suitable register of animals boarded is maintained

Licences are renewed, and premises inspected annually. Inspections are undertaken by our inspectors and/or veterinary surgeons, in order to ensure compliance with the legislation.

Licence conditions and application forms

Word versions of the above forms are provided in 'related documents' at the bottom of this page.


When applying for a licence, a completed licence application form must be accompanied by the appropriate fee which is currently £82.00 or £95.00 plus veterinary fees for those premises which are licenced for both animal boarding and dog breeding.

Additional information

For new animal boarding establishments, planning permission may be required. It is recommended that you contact Planning Services for more information.

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