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Dog breeding

A person may be presumed to be carrying out the business of breeding dogs for sale where they breed and sell more than two litters in a 12 month period. We deal with annual licences for dog breeding establishments and will decide whether or not a particular establishment is required to be licensed. 

We will arrange for the premises to be inspected by a veterinary surgeon to ensure the accommodation is suitable for the welfare of the animals. The annual licence will then be issued subject to compliance with licence conditions and payment of the licence fee.

If you are unsure of whether your establishment needs a licence then please contact us to discuss this further. For new applications, planning permission may be required. Further information can be obtained from Planning Services.

Licence conditions and application forms

Word versions of all documents on this page are available in 'Related Documents' below.


When applying for a licence, a completed licence application form must be accompanied by the appropriate fee which is currently £82.00 plus veterinary fees or £95.00 plus veterinary fees for those premises which are licensed dog breeding and animal boarding establishments.

Proposed new conditions and guidance

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health published new Model Licence Conditions and Guidance for Dog Breeding Establishments in 2014.

We are looking at adopting these licence conditions at the end of this year and are presently consulting with existing licensed dog breeders. Further information is available in the document below.

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