If you live in areas prone to flooding or believe flooding is possible, it helps to be prepared.

The Environment Agency has plenty of information to help be prepared for flooding.


Check before you travel – find live travel updates online, by listening to local radio or by following Area Traffic Control on Twitter.

Please do not to drive through flood water.

Flood protection products

If you know your property is prone to flooding, you may want to consider investing in other flood defence products. Blue Pages is the UK’s leading independent flood directory which is run by the National Flood Forum charity.

Protecting your home from flooding 

It is your responsibility to protect your home in the first instance. If you think that your home is at risk of flooding you need to protect your home with suitable flood defence products. More details on how you can protect your home may be found in your home insurance policy.

The National Flood Forum, is a charity set up to support those affected by flooding. They have a list of available flood protection products on their blue pages.

Last updated: Tue 9th January, 2024 @ 08:52