The Council is looking to improve the facilities on the green space adjacent to Cobden Primary School on the Bell Foundry estate.

The play facilities already located on the green space are very popular. The facilities were expanded in 2020. However further improvements are needed to meet local demand.

This also supports the Council’s own research which has identified the shortness of recreational provision in the area for all age groups.

The green space adjacent to the school offers the best chance of meeting demand as: it is the largest space; it is close to popular pedestrian routes; and is within sight of the existing recreational facilities.

How will improvements be funded?

The funding is coming from developers through what is known as Section 106 agreements. These agreements have provided funds for recreational facilities in the area. Funds are time limited and must be spent locally and quickly or they will be lost.

Funding may only permit the use of one area, but additional funds could be sought in the future for more equipment if the local community supports the idea.

What facilities are needed?

The existing facilities, while relatively modest in scale, include good all-round provision. However, there is no provision for promoting strength and agility. Traditional climbing frames or modern outdoor gym equipment could provide this.

Types of equipment

Examples of the type of equipment which may be installed can be seen below. Please note the photographs are for illustrative purposes only.


Proposed location of equipment

Locations A & B on the map below offer the best potential in the area as they fit comfortably within green space; are close to busy paths; and are within sight of other recreational facilities.

How do I express my views?

We held a consultation on the proposals outlined above between Wednesday June 7 and Tuesday June 27.

As well as an online survey, the Council has also delivered leaflets to residents living on the Bell Foundry estate where they were able to complete the form on the back of this leaflet.

A copy of the leaflet can be seen below.

Improving facilities on the Bell Foundry consultation leaflet (PDF Document, 1.32 Mb)

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