We may be able to offer advice on funding opportunities to improve public open spaces, play areas and community buildings.

Funding may be available from us or other organisations. It may also be available from the planning process.

We would encourage people who are considering proposals to improve open spaces, community buildings or community or sports facilities to talk to our officers at the council. Not only could they offer advice, but building a picture of the types of facilities communities say are important helps with long-term planning of the borough.

Funding through the planning process

When new developments are granted planning permission, applicants are sometimes required to make a contribution under Section 106 Agreements to improve the local infrastructure or community facilities, otherwise known as a planning obligation.

Examples include improvements to parks and green spaces, play areas, sports and recreation facilities and community buildings. A Community Infrastructure Project Proposal Form is also available for use where new or improved facilities or infrastructure may be needed as a result of new development in the locality.

More information on funding through the planning process

You can contact our Planning Liaison Officer about improvements to open spaces, play areas, outdoor sports etc. by emailing

Community grants and facilities

The council offer a range of grants which have been designed to support a variety of community-led projects within Charnwood.

More information on community grants schemes

Further information on funding

Further information on open spaces

We produced the Open Spaces Sport and Recreation Study in 2010. It included an investigation of the quantity, accessibility and quality of open spaces and identified shortfalls and surpluses throughout the borough.

In 2013 we produced our Open Spaces Strategy which brings together a strategic framework for better quality management and development of open spaces.

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