This consultation closed on October 11, 2020.

We are looking to upgrade the green space in the Farnham Road, Beaumont Road and Lingdale Close area as part of a programme to improve facilities. A consultation was held to give residents an opportunity to offer their feedback on the proposed improvements.

This consultation is a way of helping to guide investment decisions over time limited developer funds.

Why is investment needed?

Farnham Road green space is popular but there are ways that it could be improved to increase its appeal. There is an identified shortage of facilities in the area, particularly for older children. The local community association, working with the Council, has identified the green space at Farnham Road as having the greatest potential to serve the community owning to its size and location.

What improvements are being proposed?

Below is a layout of what the park could include, however these are only suggestions and may not all be delivered. 

  • Create new entrance into play area
  • Place seats around the edge of new circular path area
  • Circular path will allow more scootering and encourage more use of the grass in the centre of the space
  • New ball court to provide safe ball playing opportunity
  • Central grass useful for events and less formal activities. Mini goals could be an option.
  • Paths and seating which can be used by all ages

What else is needed?

In addition to the proposed ball court, the central grass area linking the play area to the proposed ball court could be given a greater role. A circular paths with seats (and possibly some mini goals) could bring some more life into this space

How is this being funded?

Funding for the proposed improvements would be provided by developers through what is known as Section 106 agreements. The funds are time limited and must be spent locally and quickly or the funds will be lost.

How do I complete the consultation

This consultation closed on October 11, 2020.

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