We are committed to maximising the number of new homes built on suitable brownfield land to help reduce the amount of greenfield land lost to development and regenerate the existing urban areas of the borough.

The Government has introduced a requirement for local planning authorities to publish and maintain a Brownfield Land Register. This will contain a list of sites that have been previously developed and are potentially suitable for housing-led development.

The register contains sites categorised as previously developed land which are considered by the Council to be suitable, available and achievable for housing-led development.

The register also allows local planning authorities to select sites from part one and grant ‘permission in principle’ (PiP) for housing-led development. This establishes the fundamental principles of development in terms of use and approximate number of homes the site can accommodate. It is similar in practice to an ‘outline’ planning permission in that further approval from the Council is required in the form of ‘technical details consent’ in order for a site to actually be developed.

The Brownfield Land Register will be monitored and reviewed annually. Please find the 2023 version at www.charnwood.gov.uk/brownfield-land.csv

The data above is provided under the Open Government Licence.

The sites on the register can also be viewed on the Council's interactive map using the Local Plan map layer.

For more information regarding the requirements of a Brownfield Land register and information about permission in principle please visit the following webpages:

Brownfield registers and permission in principle: frequently asked questions (Gov.UK)

Brownfield Land Registers Government Guidance

Permission in Principle Government Guidance

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