'Work has been carried out without the statutory notification being given to the council'

The legal requirements to notify us of certain stages of the building work are outlined at site inspections.

If we are not notified as required, the Building Control Surveyor may ask that certain parts of the work are cut into to make them visible for inspection. Any erroneous work will then have to be altered.

Refusal to comply

If the builder or owner refuses to do this, we may serve a formal notice under the provisions of the Building Regulations. If this is not then complied with, a breach of the procedural requirements of the Building Regulations will have occurred. We would then be likely to pursue prosecution proceedings against the builder and/or the owner in these circumstances.

In all cases where the Building Control Surveyor has been unable to make necessary inspections due to non-notification and the situation has not been rectified, it is our policy to record the details on our Property Register to reveal to future purchasers should the property ever be marketed for sale.

Last updated: Fri 11th January, 2019 @ 12:11