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Do I need building regulations consent?

You are legally responsible for making sure that any building work that you carry out complies with building regulations and other related legislation.

The Planning Portal website has an interactive guide to common projects of building works which can help you to work out whether you need to apply for building regulations consent or not. If you are still unsure then contact us or download the relevant guidance sheets.

What do I do next?

The following steps are a legal requirement and failure to follow these may result in the owner being served a statutory notice and any work being pulled down to make sure building regulations have been met.

Building work already started or completed without a notice will need a regularisation of unauthorised work. Be sure to contact us if you would like to change details from an approved plan.

  • Choose your method. Unless the work is of a very minor nature, we recommend the full plans method, as this will guarantee that building regulations are complied with
  • You can begin the work 48 hours after the application has submitted

We advise  that you wait for a set of approved plans to follow as there is a legal requirement to notify us throughout the process. When the building work is complete we will issue a Certificate of Completion as evidence.

This is an important document as it is often asked for by building societies prior to the release of mortgage funds and also by purchaser's conveyancing solicitors during the sale of properties.

Initial notice

Building regulations consent for work carried out in Charnwood can be approved by the council or by other organisations know as Approved Inspectors.

If you decide to use an Approved Inspector they must provide us with an Initial Notice, informing us of your decision. We will then have five days to accept or reject the notice, during which time no building work must be carried out

If approved you will then deal exclusively with the Approved Inspector, who assumes full responsibility for ensuring that any work you carry out complies with building regulations.

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