Below are the full details for consulations carried out by Charnwood Borough Council in 2017.

Consultations, 2017

The Outwoods

We asked for views on what kind of improvements people would like to see made at The Outwoods. The consultation closed on December 18, 2017. 

Community Governance Review - stage two consultation

A second phase of the community governence review was held following an initial consultation. For more indepth information, read the community governance report which went to council on June 26.

For more information visit our Community Governance Review page. The consultation closed on October 6, 2017.

Residents' Survey 2017 

We carried out a residents' survey in September and October last year. A total of 1,571 people responded.

Loughborough Town Centre 2017 consultation

A consultation was held on the Loughborough Town Centre Masterplan which set out a number of proposals to develop the town centre to ensure its viability and vitality in the future.

For more information please got to the Loughborough Town Centre Masterplan webpage. The consultation closed on September 22, 2017.

Allocations Policy consultation

A consultation was held on the proposed changes to the Choice Based Housing Allocations Policy.

Areas that were covered in the consultation included:

• The types of properties that will be advertised through the Choice Based Lettings scheme
• Who will qualify for the Housing Register
• How applications on the Housing Register will be prioritised or banded

The consultation closed on Friday September 22, 2017.

Open Spaces consultation

A consultation was held to review the way local people use their open spaces across the district. We wanted to know what people thought of their open spaces and what improvements could be made to encourage people to use them more often. The consultation closed on August 31, 2017.

Community Governance Review

A public consultation was held between February 1 and April 30, 2017 as part of a community governance review. The review provides councils with the opportunity to review and make changes to community governance in their areas, usually where there have been changes to the local population. 

A summary of the responses is contained in a report to full council on June 26, 2017.

Following the consultation a number of proposals have been put forward and a second phase of consultation is underway. For more information visit our Community Governance Review page

PSPO consultation: Bradgate Park and Swithland Wood

A proposal for the purposes of reducing antisocial behaviour, in relation to dog control, in Bradgate Park and Swithland Wood.

Improving Kirkstone Park

A consultation was held to see what local residenst would like to see at a new proposed play area in the green space at the end of Kirkstone Drive in Loughborough. For more information can be found on the Improving Kirkstone Park webpage. The consultation closed on July 21, 2017.

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