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We have set up a dedicated number to deal with any council tax issues for people affected by the explosion in Birstall last week - 01509 632533. We want to make sure we can help people as much as we can. 

Current consultations

Top tasks:

We gather the views of our residents, partners and other service users through consultations. They help us to understand what is important to local people and what needs improvement.

We use consultations to inform our vision of what Charnwood should be like, improve our planning, policy and decision making, encourage greater participation, achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and shape what we do around the needs and aspirations of our residents.

Below is some information on consultations currently being undertaken by, or involving, Charnwood Borough Council. 

To find out what we have done in the past and the results and outcomes of recent consultations please visit our past consultations page.


The Outwoods

We are looking at trying to improve The Outwoods and attract new visitors to the area. We would appreciate your views on how you currently use country parks, if at all, and what kind of improvements you would like to see. Please complete this short online survey to give your views. The consultation will be open until December 18, 2017. 

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