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Consultation on new guidance document for planning applications

We are holding a consultation about proposals on a new guidance document for planning applications.

When planning applications are submitted, there is certain information which needs to be included so the applications can be considered valid and then be processed.

Some requirements are set nationally, but they are quite limited. We are introducing a guidance document setting out some local requirements to help us fully assess applications. The aim is to make the planning application process smoother, more efficient and avoid any unnecessary delays to the planning process. We want to make sure applicants clearly understand what is required when submitting applications.

The proposed Local Validation Requirements are set out in this document.

The document sets out what is required, when this is required, an explanation of what exactly is required, and why this is a requirement.

This is based on the requirements of The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) Order 2015, as well as the most up to date planning guidance and local planning policies.

Below is a summary of the Local Validation Requirements document:

  • Part 1 of the document introduces the local validation requirements.
  • Part 2 explains how to use the guide as an applicant/agent.
  • Part 3 sets out how the Local Planning Authority will use the guide.
  • Part 4 of this document gives direction on how to apply for planning permission.
  • Part 5 sets out the national requirements to make a planning application valid, these are unchanged and set by The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) Order 2015.
  • Part 6 sets out the requirements for householder planning applications, which forms the majority of applications received. This introduces additional requirements to ensure that a full assessment can be made.
  • Part 7 sets out the requirements for all other development, excluding householders and residential development.
  • Part 8 sets out what is required for specific types of application and runs through these on a case-by-case basis.
  • Part 9 sets out what is required on applications for residential development, including both minor and major applications.
  • Part 10 sets out that is required on applications for non-residential development.
  • Part 11 sets out what needs to be provided for development affecting heritage assets. This can include works within a conservation area, locally listed buildings, and listed buildings.   
  • Part 12 sets out all other requirements that may be required depending on the nature of the proposed development.
  • Included within the Appendix is a table indicating which part of the guidance may be applicable to your application.

The Local Validation Requirements will be kept under review to ensure compliance with current planning policies and guidance. This would be at least every two years.

Below is a link to view and make comments on the Local Validation Requirements document:

Please send your comments to Local.list@charnwood.gov.uk.

The consultation opens on Friday March 24 and closes on Friday May 19, 2023.

Last updated: Fri 24th March, 2023 @ 10:22