It's importnant to keep yourself and your bike safe when you're on the road, see our advice below.

  • Make sure others can see you
  • Lights and bright clothing at night
  • Ride carefully and responsibly
  • Get a bell to warn others of your presence

Remember - older people may have sight or hearing difficulties - don’t assume that they have seen or heard you.

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Cycle theft prevention

  • Record and register your bike
  • Keep a note of your bike’s frame number, it could help to identify it if it is stolen
  • The frame number is often located under the crank shaft
  • Ideally, use two secure-rated locks for maximum security when locking your bike
  • If using two locks secure both of them to each wheel and the frame.
  • If using one lock secure it the wheel and the frame
  • Always lock the frame to a solid object such as a bike stand
  • When buying a lock look out for the security rating, 1-10, 10 offers the most security
  • Remove all your bike accessories every time you leave it unattended

Last updated: Tue 18th January, 2022 @ 11:10