The Home Office’s Safer Streets Fund launched in January 2020 enables Police Crime Commissioners and local authorities to bid for investment in initiatives to help prevent neighbourhood crime.

Further information about the Safer Streets project can be found on the Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner website.

For more information on reporting anti-social behaviour (ASB), please visit our online guide

Details of the different Safer Streets rounds of funding can be seen below.

Safer Streets 4 - Reducing youth-related anti-social behaviour

In September 2022, the Charnwood Community Safety Partnership was awarded Safer Streets 4 funding to help reduce youth-related anti-social behaviour and crime.

The funding is being used for a range of initiatives and preventative schemes intended to support young people to make better choices and deter them from getting involved in anti-social behaviour and crime.

Safer Streets 3 - CCTV cameras in Queen's Park, Loughborough

During 2021, the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Police and Crime Commissioner secured funding from the third round of the Safer Streets initiative to improve the safety of women and girls across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

This project included installation of two new CCTV cameras in Queen's Park, Loughborough.

Safer Streets 1 - Warwick Way and Dishley Ward

In September 2020, the Charnwood Community Safety Partnership secured funding to help council tenants and residents living on Loughborough’s Warwick Way estate and residents in the nearby area make security upgrades to their homes. The work was carried out by 24-7 Locks Ltd, a Midlands-based security company.

Upgrades offered included spyholes, door chains, letterbox restrictors, upgraded locks and door bars (to strengthen doors for kick-ins). Having these upgrades was entirely down to individual decision and choice.

A number of communal entrance doors to council-owned blocks were also renewed with those of a more secure and robust design as part of this project.

In January 2021, this work was extended to Council tenants and residents in the Dishley Ward and Thorpe Acre areas.

Rents and service charges to council tenants were not affected by these upgrades.

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