We need to understand whether our services are meeting everyone’s needs and that everyone who needs them has access to those services.

We have developed an Equality Impact Assessment process for the assessment of any new or significantly changed policies, practices, procedures, functions and services.

Undertaking Equality Impact Assessments enables us to take action to prevent direct and indirect discrimination by ensuring that as far as possible, any negative consequences for a particular group or sector of the community are eliminated, minimised or counterbalanced by other measures.

Our aims

Our ultimate aim is to improve our services. By making sure we have considered the potential impacts of a policy, strategy or plan at an early stage potential barriers or problems can be avoided and actions put in place these it can be fully incorporated into any decisions and not just a ‘bolt-on’ at the end.

Working in this way helps us to integrate and mainstream equalities into our work. Likewise, when reviewing the effectiveness and performance of our services, we can use this procedure to identify equality issues and opportunities as an integral part of our review.

Completed assessments, 2023

Planning Enforcement Plan EIA (2023) (PDF Document, 0.83 Mb)

UK Shared Prosperity Fund Future Charnwood Investment Plan - Programme of Delivery EIA (2023) (PDF Document, 2.31 Mb)

Housing Revenue Account HRA Asset Management Strategy EIA (2023) (PDF Document, 3.34 Mb)

Cost of Living - Support to Communities and Businesses EIA (2023) (PDF Document, 3.4 Mb)

Equality Impact Assessments (EIA's) from previous years

Equality Impact Assessments 2022

Equality Impact Assessments 2021

Equality Impact Assessments 2019 and 2020

Equality Impact Assessments pre-2018

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