Your feedback is very important to us.

We want to hear from you whether it is a comment or an observation about a service we provide, a compliment about something we have done well or a complaint about something that you are unhappy with.

We are committed to listening and acting on what we hear to continually improve the quality of the service we provide to our customers.

What is a Complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about a council service or the way it was delivered (whether the service is provided directly by the council or by a contractor) which requires a response.

A complaint may be raised by anyone who has been affected by the actions or inactions of the Council. Complaints may, for example, be about:

  • The lack of fairness or professionalism of interaction with officers
  • Failure to do something we should have done
  • Refusal to provide a service or delivery of poor service
  • Failure to follow the correct policy or procedure

Complaints outside the Council’s responsibility

Certain types of complaint will not be dealt with through the Council’s complaints procedure because there are other processes more suitable for dealing with them, or because they are outside the Council’s control. These include:

Report feedback, compliment or complaint                                                                                      

Response Times

We will acknowledge a complaint within two working days of receiving it. We should receive your complaint as soon as possible but not more than twelve months from the incident which led to your complaint.

For Stage 0 and Stage 1, your complaint will be passed to the relevant department and they will respond within 10 working days.

For stage 2, your complaint will be passed to the Customer Experience Team who will provide an independent review of the complaint within 20 working days of receipt.

Is there a deadline for escalating a complaint?

If you are dissatisfied with the response to your complaint at Stage 0 or Stage 1, you can escalate your complaint to the next stage of the complaints process. Escalation requests must be received within 3 months of the stage 0/1 response. Requests made after the three month deadline will only be considered where there are extenuating circumstances. All requests to escalate a complaint must provide clear reasons for your dissatisfaction.

You can further information and guidance in our complaints policy.

For the below types of complaints, please follow the links below:

Complaints about Data Protection

Make a complaint about a councillor

Please note that if your complaint is about a data protection matter, this will be referred to the council’s Data Protection Officer.

Independent help and advice

For independent help and advice, please contact:

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