The Right to Buy ‘First refusal’ process is set out below.

Please refer to the Right to First Refusal webpage for guidance as required.

Task 1

Right to buy team receives request to repurchase property. (Covenant requires any owner intending to sell their property within 10 years of purchase to notify the council and seek right of first refusal).


Acknowledge letter to be sent out within 5 working days. The Council may contact you to arrange a viewing and-or a valuation by the Council’s nominated valuer or to seek additional information.

Task 2

Send housing Department the purchase request received.


Housing department will review the request to accept or deny within 8 weeks.

Task 3

Housing department informs the owner occupier of the decision.


Housing department informs owner occupier in writing of the decision and Copies in The Right To Buy Team.

If the council decides not to repurchase the owner occupier will require a letter from the local authority Right To Buy Team confirming that the covenant has been satisfied.

Task 4

The Housing Department will arrange an independent property valuation and necessary survey.


Housing Department will arranges valuation and surveys.

Task 5 

Housing instructs legal Department to undertake property conveyancing.


If the Housing Department decides to purchase the property they will instruct Legal Department to undertake property conveyancing and copy in the Right To Buy Team. If the Housing Department decides not to purchase the property they will instruct the Right to Buy Team to write to the owner occupier and let them know of the decision taken confirming that the covenant has been satisfied and they may put the property on the open market.

Task 6

In the event of the Council deciding not to buy back the property, the owner occupier will then instruct their solicitor to this effect. In order to release the covenant on the property they will need a certificate confirming the release of the covenant from the Council and will write to the Legal Team to this effect. On receipt of this request the Legal Team will confirm with the Housing Team that the covenant should be released and will then issue the certificate accordingly.


On receipt of a request Legal Services expect to complete this task within 10 working days.

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