As a local authority we collect, hold and process a considerable amount of information, including personal data about our customers and our residents.

This allows us to provide our services more effectively.

We have a duty to ensure that the information about you which we collect and use is done so proportionately, correctly and safely.

From May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into effect and will tighten the laws around how data is handled by businesses, organisations and individuals.

We would like to assure customers and partners that we have put a significant amount of work into making sure we are ready for GDPR.

We have:

  • produced a privacy policy
  • produced a privacy statement setting out the principles of how we manage your data
  • reviewed all relevant systems and processes which process data
  • appointed a data protection and information security officer
  • trained all staff about GDPR
  • offered training to all councillors
  • written guidance for customers about their data protection rights under GDPR
  • carried out due diligence with our contractors and amended contracts where required

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