Here's some handy advice and guidance about taking part in the consultation about the draft Charnwood Local Plan 2019-36.

  1. The consultation is available to complete online
  2. You will need to create an account before you can respond to the consultation.  Creating an account enables you to save, track and manage your comments and receive notifications about the consultation.
  3. There is a handy video offering guidance on how to complete the online consultation form. Please note, you will need to enable Flash Player to watch the video.
  4. The draft local plan proposes sites for homes, employment, open spaces, protected countryside and more. There is an interactive map you can look at which shows where these sites are.
  5. You can also just email your comments to the team via but please make it clear which sections you are commenting on or which question you are answering
  6. A Word document with all the questions is also available
  7. The consultation runs from Monday, November 4 to 5pm on Monday, December 16
  8. There are 44 questions on the consultation
  9. While we appreciate the draft Charnwood Local Plan 2019-36 is a long document, we would encourage you to read it and make comments
  10. We would encourage people to be as constructive as possible when giving comments.  If you think parts of the plan aren’t right please give reasons and suggest alternatives where you can
  11. Comments made on the Council’s social media accounts – or any other social media accounts - will not be included in the consultation. Only comments submitted through the online portal, on a paper copy of the consultation form or directly to the local plans team will be considered
  12. The Council is carrying out some targeted work to seek the views of some harder to reach groups in our communities 

Last updated: Sun 3rd November, 2019 @ 17:00