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Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal

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To support the preparation of a new Local Plan, we are carrying out a sustainability appraisal, which will consider the potential environmental and sustainability impacts of the Local Plan.

Interim Sustainability Appraisal 

The Interim Sustainability Appraisal Report was available for consultation alongside the Towards a Local Plan for Charnwood discussion paper and other evidence base studies during April-June 2018.  The Interim Report is available to download below:

Scoping Report

This Scoping Report represented the first stage of the Sustainability Appraisal process. It provides a description of the baseline environmental characteristics and key environmental and sustainability issues of relevance to the borough, and identifies other relevant plans, programmes and policies that may influence the development of the Local Plan.

The Scoping Report also establishes an appraisal framework that will be used to examine the sustainability impacts of implementing the Local Plan policies. The document is available to download below:

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