We at the council are responsible for the fabric of the building including walls, roofs and communal areas etc.

External doors, specifically for access to the leasehold flat and internal works, are not covered by the lease and as such will not be repaired by us.

Please refer to the "Repairs and Maintenance" section of your Leaseholders' Handbook for more information.

Lease service agreement

The council is responsible for maintaining the structure of the building, but we require an annual service charge from leaseholders to cover the costs of such repairs (planned and responsive) and improvements.

Leasehold service agreement charges

Where the work affects a leasehold property and the work is going to exceed £250 the leaseholder will receive a series of letters explaining how the work affects them.

If there is one or more leaseholder in a block or estate and the repair is likely to cost more than an average of £250 per flat, all leaseholders within that block/estate will be sent letters detailing what work is required, how much the repair will cost and what their contribution will be.

Please refer to the "Your Right to be Consulted" section of your Leaseholders' Handbook for more information.

Last updated: Mon 30th July, 2018 @ 15:05