Our vision is for a building control system which ensures buildings are safe, healthy, accessible and sustainable for current and future generations

To deliver this vision, our Building Control Service aims to provide the following service:

  • provide a plan assessment service to help achieve compliance with building regulations standards
  • support and advise customers on how to end up with the result they want
  • help with aspects of quality (workmanship and materials) where these affect compliance with building regulations standards
  • ensure that all building regulations standards which are set in the interests of the wider public good have been complied with at completion
  • work hand-in-hand with other regulatory systems where possible to provide a coherent service to customers
  • ensure that our levels of inspection of building work is appropriate to the risk and need of the project
  • use our legal powers to enforce building regulations standards where we consider appropriate and in the interest of the wider public
  • ensure we regularly assess and continually improve our performance and effectiveness
  • ensure we provide a professional, well-trained and managed building control service which uses resources effectively and efficiently

In normal circumstances we will

  • Be available to help you from 8:30am to 5pm (4:30pm Fridays). We will also provide an answering machine service outside normal working hours for all messages and building control inspection requests. All messages left will receive early attention on the next working day
  • Reply to any letter received that not does relate to a current application for Building Regulations consent within ten working days of receipt
  • Ensure that all Full Plans Building Regulation applications receive a decision within five weeks of receipt, except where an extension of time has been agreed in advance, in which case a decision will be issued within two months
  • Accept Building Notices (or give notice of the reasons why we are unable to do so) within two working days of receiving the notice
  • Investigate within two working days, and take necessary action, in respect of all reports of dangerous structures. Where the situation is reported by the Police or Fire Service on the basis of being an emergency, an inspection will be made within one hour

What we will not do

  • be responsible for building regulations compliance – that is the duty of the person carrying out the work. If work is found not to comply with building standards the person responsible could be prosecuted and the owner of the building may be required to put the work right
  • manage every stage of the construction process on-site – that is a matter for the contracts and arrangements between the client and builder
  • address issues such as the finish and aesthetics of the final project where these are not relevant to compliance with building standards – these are a matter for designers, developers, builders and, to some extent, new home warranty providers
  • deal with contractual problems between client and builder – this is a matter of contract law - or with party wall matters or boundary disputes.

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