Selective Licensing was introduced in 2023 and is local to Charnwood. It will last for five years unless the scheme is renewed.

The selective licensing scheme applies to privately rented properties within a specific area in Loughborough and are occupied by a single household, a single person, or two unrelated people.

It is important to note that Selective Licensing was introduced before changes to the borough ward boundaries in May 2023. This means the Selective Licensing conditions apply to whole and entire areas / roads within the historial borough wards of Loughborough Lemyngton and Loughborough Hastings. 

Online applications for selective licensing can be made via the apply for selective or HMO licence web page. 

More information about the Selective Licensing scheme can be found in the cabinet report below.

Last updated: Tue 26th September, 2023 @ 12:15