Information about applying for a property licence.

For more details about the types of property licences in Charnwood, please visit the property licences webpage.

What do I need to apply for a property licence?

Applications should be made online – we will no longer be accepting applications by e-mail or post except in exceptional circumstances.  

To make and complete a mandatory, additional or selective licence application, you will require following information and documents:

  1. The name and contact details of all interested parties (as applicable) e.g. any mortgage lender, co-owner, freeholder etc    
  2. The licence holder’s date of birth
  3. Room descriptions (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc), their position/location, (e.g. ground floor left, first floor front right etc) and accurate room measurements
  4. The most recent electrical installation inspection and test report
  5. The most recent gas safety certificate (if applicable)
  6. A floor plan – a legible sketch drawing with measurements is acceptable
  7. A debit or credit card to pay the licence fee 

Apply for a property licence

To apply, please visit the MetaStreet website by clicking the button below.

Apply for a property licence

Who can apply for a property licence?

Anyone can apply.  The applicant doesn’t have to have a connection to the property but must be able to provide information about the proposed licence holder, the manager (if different to the proposed licence holder) and about the property.

Who can be a licence holder?

The licence holder can be a person, a limited liability partnership or a limited company but must be a ‘person having control’ of the property.  A ‘person having control’ is anyone who receives the rent directly or indirectly, for example a freeholder or a managing agent.

We don’t usually grant licences to persons who live outside the UK or to companies registered outside the UK.

What happens if I don’t apply for a licence?

If you are required to hold a property licence and don't apply or breach the conditions of your licence, you could face enforcement by the Council.

This could include a financial penalty notice of up to £30,000 or an unlimited fine from the court.

Last updated: Tue 23rd January, 2024 @ 16:13