The Mayor's Chain of OfficeThe Mayor and Mayoress are both provided with magnificent gold chains of office to wear whilst on official business.

They are looked after by the Mayoral Officer and are never stored at the Mayor's house.

The Mayor's 18ct gold chain was presented by Alderman Joseph Griggs, the first Mayor of the Borough of Loughborough, in 1888.

The Mayoral chains of Loughborough became the Mayoral chains of Charnwood and a change was made to the inscription when the status of borough was conferred upon the District of Charnwood on 15th May 1974. The Chain is made of 18ct gold.

The Mayoress' Chain of OfficeThe Mayoress' chain

The Mayoress' chain was presented by Alderman Hiram Coltman, who was the Mayor in 1896/97, and commemorates Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee celebrated that year.

Twenty diamonds surround a cameo of Queen Victoria, which is believed to be unique on a Mayoral chain. The interlinking on both the Mayor's and the Mayoress' chains takes the shape of the letter L for Loughborough.

Other badges of Office

Silver gilt badges of office are worn by the Mayor's Consort (if male) the Deputy Mayor and Mayoress (or Deputy Consort) and by the Mayor and Mayoress if attending a purely business meeting.

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