The Mayor is an elected councillor, usually of considerable experience, who is chosen by their fellow councillors to be chairman and First Citizen of the borough for one year.

The Mayor is expected to rise above politics and refrains from all political activity whilst acting as Mayor.

The Deputy Mayor's role is to deputise for the Mayor, at their request, by attending some engagements at which the Mayor feels they should be represented but which they are unable to attend personally.

During their year each Mayor launches a charity appeal for the charity(s) of their choice. Donations come from a wide variety of sources. For more information, visit the Mayor's charity appeal page.

How is the Mayor chosen?

In Charnwood, the political parties take turns in selecting their nomination for the mayoralty, who is then elected by the full council, traditionally without opposition. The nominating group usually decide who will be Deputy Mayor late in the year and it is announced to us at the next meeting.

The existing Deputy Mayor takes the over role of Mayor at the end of the council year, having had the preceeding year to prepare for the role. Not every councillor will get the opportunity of being Mayor. Although a popular councillor could be selected more than once this has not happened since 1948.

The civic year

During their year of office each Mayor will attend over 500 engagements, including:

  • Chairing eight meetings of the full council
  • Attending around 45 religious services of all different faiths
  • Congratulating several centenarians
  • Opening and touring round a vast array of different businesses and buildings
  • Welcoming many foreign visitors to the borough
  • Declaring garden fetes and festivals open
  • Escorting visiting members of the Royal family

They will also host receptions and give talks to a large number of local community groups and be photographed by the local press often several times a day.

The Mayor only attends events by official invitation sent to their office and many of the functions throughout the year are booked annually, or many months in advance.

Annual engagements

During their year most Mayors also attend a number of regular engagements including:

  • May - Annual council meeting and Mayor Making
  • June - Twinning visit to Schwabisch Hall and Civic Church Service
  • July - Buckingham Palace Garden Party and University Summer Degree Day
  • October - Diwali celebrations and Local Democracy Week
  • November - Opening Loughborough Fair and Remembrance events
  • December - Christmas celebrations, twinning visit to Epinal and University Winter Degree Day
  • April - Reception for former/incoming Mayors

Unlike most European dignitaries, the Mayor does not receive any salary for this role, although they do receive a small allowance to cover out of pocket expenses.

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