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View or comment on a planning application

When commenting or objecting on a planning application, both go through the same process. Because of this, we refer to all objections as comments.

Anyone can comment on a planning application and all comments will be considered, but only those which raise material planning considerations can be taken into account when an application is decided. Therefore comments against an application may not result in planning permission being refused because there are other factors which outweigh them.

To find out more about commenting or viewing applications, you can contact our Development Management Team at the following: 

Viewing comments made on planning applications

All comments are viewable on Planning Explorer, usually within 48 hours of being received by us. Once an application has been made public you will have 21 days to submit your comments. 

Comments can also be viewed:

  • at our Customer Service Centre or appropriate parish council offices
  • via our weekly list of registered applications on our website
  • local residents can find the latest applications on the 'Planning Applications' section of My Charnwood. Each application will be viewable on an interactive map of the area

Submitting a comment

Anyone can comment on a planning application, even if you haven't been formally consulted, but once a decision is made only the applicant can lodge an appeal. Unfortunately we cannot receive comments over the phone or in person, as all comments must be in writing and available for public inspection.

All comments received will be displayed online and will include names and addresses, but we endeavour to remove telephone numbers, emails and signatures before publishing. As your comments will be made public, please make sure that you only include information about you and your views on the application that you are happy to be seen by, and commented on, by other people.

Comments can be submitted via email up until midnight on the expiry date. Please quote the application number when emailing, along with your name and address. Alternatively you can view and comment via Planning Explorer

What happens to my comments?

All comments will be made available for public inspection which means they are not confidential. If you wish to remain anonymous you can contact your Ward Councillor who will raise the issues with us on your behalf.

If the application goes to the Plans Committee your comments will be available to members of the Committee and may be included within written committee reports or read at public meetings of the committee.

If the planning application you have commented on needs to be considered by the Plans Committee, and you have indicated that you wish to attend, you will be informed when the meeting will take place. You also have a right to request to speak at the meeting. Any committee meeting dates shown in Planning Explorer may change right up until five working days before the meeting

View comments made on planning applications

You are able to read all the comments received on an application and also check that we have received yours using Planning Explorer. If you know the relevant application number you can search for it by using the Specific Application search. 

If you don’t know the application number, you can perform a General Search to search by applicant or agent name, site address or date received to identify the particular application.

Once on the selected application's 'details' page scroll down to the 'View Related Documents' link at the very bottom of the page to access all the documents (including comments) relating to the application.

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