As well as general publicity around planning applications, we have a duty to tell certain people about any building works proposed so that their views can be taken into account. 

A consultation is an invitation for anyone who may be interested in the application to comment on it. The extent of consultations depends on the type of application.

People who are informed of an application for planning permission may include:

  • the parish or town council or other councils or council departments
  • occupiers of neighbouring properties
  • the Highway Authority
  • the Environment Agency
  • Leicestershire police
  • English Heritage or The Wildlife Trust

Informing neighbours and neighbouring properties

We will usually write to any neighbours whose home or business shares a boundary with the application site. In the case of applications for bigger projects, we will also send letters to those homes and businesses which are near the application site. We may also publicise by posting site notices on or near the proposed development site, or advertise in the Loughborough Echo or Leicester Mercury, dependent on the type of proposal.

The consultation letters will let people know about the application, where they can view it and give them 21 days to write to us with any comments. Details of all all the people contacted regarding a specific planning application can be found on Planning Explorer.

Last updated: Thu 12th March, 2020 @ 10:32