The opinions of our customers are important to us, which is why we offer various ways to provide us with your feedback, whether it's within the council building, via telephone or via our website.

In all of these areas, we offer a simple way for you to rate our services and webpages using 'faces'. 

In terms of the website, it's an effective way for us to find out what works and what needs to be improved on each particular webpage.

On the telephone and within the council building, it can help us improve our customer service and make your contact with us as quick, helpful and seemless as possible.

If you would like to comment on or make a suggestion about a particular webpage please use the smiley faces to do so. Alternatively, if you want to make a general comment about the website use our online website report form below:

Report an issue with the website

It is also important that you to provide an e-mail address so that we can contact you if we need to clarify the details of any problem you may have experienced. We look at every comment we receive and try to act on them as soon as we can.

Last updated: Fri 29th September, 2023 @ 13:40