The Council Tax charged on a property is in two parts: 50% is associated with the property and 50% reflects the occupants or owners of the property.

We’ll send you a bill every March and this will show the names of the people we believe are legally responsible to pay the bill.

If more than one person is responsible for paying the bill, each person will be liable for the whole amount, not just a share of it. This is called joint and several liability.

So, if two people are responsible, and one doesn’t pay their share, the other person will be liable to pay the full amount.

What does my council tax pay for?

Council Tax pays for a range of services provided by the organisations listed below. These services include schools, street repairs, parks and leisure facilities and refuse collection. Financial details for each are available by clicking on the links. Full details of the services provided are shown on the individual web sites. 

In basic terms the amount of council tax payable in respect of a property is calculated as follows:

  • The total cost of providing the required local services is calculated
  • This figure is then divided by the number of properties in the borough
  • The result is adjusted to take account of the different council tax bands in which properties are placed

The actual calculation is obviously much more complex than this example. If you want more information on Council Tax calculations please use our online contact form.

Council tax bands

Details of all council tax bands in Charnwood are provided on the webpage below. Details of council tax banding for a specific property in Charnwood can be found by doing a search by address in our property search My Charnwood.

Council tax bands 2022/23

The new council tax bands for 2023/24 can be found below:

Council tax bands 2023/24

Council tax base

In order to calculate the Council Tax payable per property we require the tax base, i.e. the number of properties against which the tax can be collected.

The total of the Band D equivalent is then multiplied by the collection rate to give a Council Tax Base. The following attachments shows the Council Tax Base for Charnwood which has been used for the 2023/24 budget figures.

Council Tax Base Calculation 2023/24

Council Tax Base Calculation 2022/23

Council Tax Base Calculation 2021/22

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