The property licence fee is payable in two stages.

Below is information about the licensing fees for Mandatory and Additional HMO Licensing and Selective schemes.

Stage one fee

The stage one fee is £395 and is payable at application.

This part of the fee covers the cost of processing an application up to the point that the Council decides whether or not to grant a licence. Stage one of the fee must be paid at the time of the licence application submission.

Stage two fee

The standard stage two fee is £305 and is payable when the Council decides to grant a licence. This part of the fee covers the cost of compliance checks, property inspections  and other enforcement costs.

The request for payment of the second element of the licence fee will be issued with the draft licence and the fee must be paid within the timescales specified.

A single discount of £85 applies to the stage two fee if;

  • the licence holder is a member of the DASH Services accreditation scheme and the licensable property is registered with that scheme.
  • the application is to renew an existing licence and that the application was made before the licence expired (only applies to mandatory HMO licences at present)  

A supplement of £10 per bedroom applies where there are more than 6 bedrooms in an HMO (only applies to mandatory HMO licences at present)  

DASH Accredited licence

A reduced Basic HMO Licence application fee is offered to proposed licence holders who are DASH accredited.

Property licence fees

The table below details the breakdown of the HMO licence fees:

Application Type

First Payment

Second Payment

Total Fee

Basic licence application fee




Re-licence application (where the application is received by the Council prior to expiry of the existing licence)




Fees for DASH Accredited Licence Holders

Basic licence application hee where the proposed licence holder is DASH Accredited




Re-licence application




Additional Fees (applied to all applications)

Extra bedroom fee (fee per additional bedrooms over 6 bedrooms)

Not Applicable

+ £10 per additional room

+ £10 per additional room

Please note that in the case of a re-licence application, the duration of the licence will never be more than a period of five years from the expiry date of the previous licence. Re-licence applications can be submitted up to two months prior to the expiry date of the existing licence.

Applications submitted without payment of the requisite fee will be treated as incomplete and cannot be processed.

Please pay online via our webpage - and click on 'Make a payment online', 'Housing Standards (Accommod Certs & HMO Licences)'

Dash Services accreditation scheme

DASH Services is a joint-working initiative with local authorities, property owners, landlords and tenants, aiming to improve housing conditions in the private sector.  Its accreditation offers people working in the private rented sector the opportunity to gain a quality mark in recognition for the good work that they do.

Find out more about the DASH accreditation scheme by visiting the DASH Services website. 

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