In accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework the Borough Council commissioned a flood risk assessment to inform the preparation of the Charnwood Local Plan so as to ensure that the risk of flooding from all sources was taken into account in the preparation of the local plan, and so as to avoid the risk to people and property.

The selection of sites for assessment in the SFRA was derived from the sites submitted for consideration by developers in the strategic housing land availability assessment. The consideration of a site in the SFRA does not guarantee it will be allocated for development or receive favourable consideration if an application for planning permission is submitted.

The flood risk assessment was undertaken in two parts:

  1. Level 1 SFRA completed in December 2018 which undertook a sequential, risk-based approach to assessing flood risk.
  2. Level 2 SFRA completed in January 2021 which looked in more detail at 23 sites where fluvial or surface water flood risk

Charnwood Borough Council Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (2018)

The Charnwood Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2018 is available to view here:

The main document is also supported by a number of maps which can be viewed in the Appendices below:

Appendix A: GEO PDF Flood Risk Mapping

The interactive maps will only function fully with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Alternatively, there are PDF versions available to download below under the section ‘Flood Zone Maps’ which show the flood zones for each grid.

Index Grid: A1 (PDF Document, 2.46 Mb)

Index Grid: A2 (PDF Document, 2.78 Mb)

Index Grid: A3 (PDF Document, 2.1 Mb)

Index Grid: A4 (PDF Document, 2.38 Mb)

Index Grid: A5 (PDF Document, 2.57 Mb)

Index Grid: B1 (PDF Document, 3.26 Mb)

Index Grid: B2 (PDF Document, 4.78 Mb)

Index Grid: B3 (PDF Document, 3.04 Mb)

Index Grid: B4 (PDF Document, 2.14 Mb)

Index Grid: B5 (PDF Document, 3.07 Mb)

Index Grid: C1 (PDF Document, 2.66 Mb)

Index Grid: C2 (PDF Document, 2.65 Mb)

Index Grid: C3 (PDF Document, 3.69 Mb)

Index Grid: C4 (PDF Document, 3.98 Mb)

Index Grid: C5 (PDF Document, 3.24 Mb)

Index Grid: D1 (PDF Document, 2.94 Mb)

Index Grid: D2 (PDF Document, 3.07 Mb)

Index Grid: D3 (PDF Document, 3.97 Mb)

Index Grid: D4 (PDF Document, 4.77 Mb)

Index Grid: D5 (PDF Document, 2.43 Mb)

Index Grid: D6 (PDF Document, 2.75 Mb)

Flood Zone Maps

Index Grid - A1 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 1.97 Mb)

Index Grid - A2 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 2.02 Mb)

Index Grid - A3 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 1.75 Mb)

Index Grid - A4 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 1.91 Mb)

Index Grid - A5 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 2.51 Mb)

Index Grid - B1 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 2.97 Mb)

Index Grid - B2 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 4.96 Mb)

Index Grid - B3 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 2.85 Mb)

Index Grid - B4 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 2.29 Mb)

Index Grid - B5 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 2.4 Mb)

Index Grid - C1 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 3.02 Mb)

Index Grid - C2 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 3.14 Mb)

Index Grid - C3 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 3.34 Mb)

Index Grid - C4 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 3.13 Mb)

Index Grid - C5 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 2.37 Mb)

Index Grid - D1 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 3.21 Mb)

Index Grid - D2 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 3.38 Mb)

Index Grid - D3 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 3.92 Mb)

Index Grid - D4 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 3.49 Mb)

Index Grid - D5 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 2.23 Mb)

Index Grid - D6 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 2.49 Mb)

Appendix B: Site Screening Table

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