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Charnwood Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2018

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We have commissioned a review of the 2014 Charnwood Strategic Flood Risk Assessment to inform the preparation of the new Local Plan to 2036.

Paragraph 155, of the National Planning Policy Framework, notes that “inappropriate development in areas at risk of flooding should be avoided by directing development away from areas at highest risk”. Local authorities are therefore required to prepare a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment to inform strategic policies and to manage flood risk from all sources.

The Charnwood Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2018 is available to view here:

The main document is also supported by a number of maps which can be viewed in the Appendices below:

Appendix A: GEO PDF Flood Risk Mapping

The interactive maps will only function fully with Adobe Acrobat Reader, if you are unable to turn on the map layers and wish to do so, please contact us for assistance on 01509 634929 (telephone) or by email at

Alternatively, there are PDF versions available to download below under the section ‘Flood Zone Maps’ which show the flood zones for each grid.

Index Grid: A1 (PDF Document, 2.46 Mb)

Index Grid: A2 (PDF Document, 2.78 Mb)

Index Grid: A3 (PDF Document, 2.1 Mb)

Index Grid: A4 (PDF Document, 2.38 Mb)

Index Grid: A5 (PDF Document, 2.57 Mb)

Index Grid: B1 (PDF Document, 3.26 Mb)

Index Grid: B2 (PDF Document, 4.78 Mb)

Index Grid: B3 (PDF Document, 3.04 Mb)

Index Grid: B4 (PDF Document, 2.14 Mb)

Index Grid: B5 (PDF Document, 3.07 Mb)

Index Grid: C1 (PDF Document, 2.66 Mb)

Index Grid: C2 (PDF Document, 2.65 Mb)

Index Grid: C3 (PDF Document, 3.69 Mb)

Index Grid: C4 (PDF Document, 3.98 Mb)

Index Grid: C5 (PDF Document, 3.24 Mb)

Index Grid: D1 (PDF Document, 2.94 Mb)

Index Grid: D2 (PDF Document, 3.07 Mb)

Index Grid: D3 (PDF Document, 3.97 Mb)

Index Grid: D4 (PDF Document, 4.77 Mb)

Index Grid: D5 (PDF Document, 2.43 Mb)

Index Grid: D6 (PDF Document, 2.75 Mb)

Flood Zone Maps

Index Grid - A1 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 1.97 Mb)

Index Grid - A2 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 2.02 Mb)

Index Grid - A3 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 1.75 Mb)

Index Grid - A4 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 1.91 Mb)

Index Grid - A5 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 2.51 Mb)

Index Grid - B1 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 2.97 Mb)

Index Grid - B2 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 4.96 Mb)

Index Grid - B3 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 2.85 Mb)

Index Grid - B4 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 2.29 Mb)

Index Grid - B5 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 2.4 Mb)

Index Grid - C1 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 3.02 Mb)

Index Grid - C2 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 3.14 Mb)

Index Grid - C3 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 3.34 Mb)

Index Grid - C4 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 3.13 Mb)

Index Grid - C5 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 2.37 Mb)

Index Grid - D1 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 3.21 Mb)

Index Grid - D2 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 3.38 Mb)

Index Grid - D3 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 3.92 Mb)

Index Grid - D4 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 3.49 Mb)

Index Grid - D5 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 2.23 Mb)

Index Grid - D6 Flood Zone (PDF Document, 2.49 Mb)

Appendix B: Site Screening Table

This SFRA will be used in decision-making and to inform decisions on the location of future development and the preparation of sustainable policies for the long-term management of flood risk.

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