Charnwood Forest is a distinctive area of rugged landscape, which extends across Leicestershire within; Charnwood Borough, Hinckley and Bosworth Borough and the North West Leicestershire District.

A Charnwood Forest Landscape and Settlement Character Assessment was carried out in 2008 to provide baseline data to inform the development of plans and policies for the area.

Charnwood Forest Regional Park

The Charnwood Forest Regional Park is an initiative which looks to develop and implement a strategy for the unique natural and cultural heritage of Charnwood Forest.

The vision of the Regional Park is as follows:

"The unique natural and cultural heritage features of Charnwood Forest will be manged and promoted through. The Regional Park will be recognised as an essential part of the growing communities in the Derby, Leicester and Nottingham area, now and in the future".

In support of the vision statement the following three objectives have also been agreed:

  • To manage and promote landscape and settlement character, including biodiversity, geodiversity and cultural and industrial heritage features.
  • To promote sustainable leisure and tourism.
  • To support agricultural diversification and woodland and rural economy uses which respect local character.

In November 2014 a three year action plan was agreed for the years 2015/16 to 2017/18.   

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