Below are the full details for consulations carried out by Charnwood Borough Council prior to 2016.

Consultations 2015

Housing strategy

Consultation on the draft housing strategy delivery plan actions, including who would be best placed to deliver those actions.

Consultations 2014

Student Occupancy

Consultation on whether our policy approaches to managing student occupancy are being successful. 

East Midlands Gateway Strategic Rail Frieght Interchange

Consultation on East Midlands Gateway Strategic Rail Freight Interchange 

Car Parking Scrutiny Panel Public Consultation

A consultation was undertaken on the effectiveness of our arrangements for providing car parking in Charnwood

Charnwood Climate Local

A consultation on our plan to mitigate the impact of climate change in the borough.

Designation of Neighbourhood Area

Consultation on an application made by Barrow upon Soar Parish Council, for designation of a Neighbourhood Area.

Consultations 2013

Sounds of summer resident survey

An online consultation to gauge residents’ satisfaction with our services. 

Council Tax support consultation - August 21 - October 10, 2013

Residents were asked for their views on proposed changes to the Council Tax Support Scheme for 2014. 

Improving Lives Survey June

Part of the Improving Lives, Support Communities campaign.

Homelessness strategy consultation

Residents were asked to comment on the draft Homelessness Strategy which sets out the priorities and ambitions for our homelessness services for the next five years.  

Consultation on the customer service strategy

Consultation on the Draft Customer Service Strategy and access to services online.

Consultation equality strategy

Consultation on the council's Equality Strategy 2013-2016

Allocations Policy Review 2013

Consultation on proposed changes in the Choice Based Lettings Scheme. 

Don't Muck Around survey 2013

Residents asked to select their priorities for the 2013 Campaign.    

Consultations 2012

Supplementary consultation

We undertook a Supplementary Consultation on a range of supplementary options for distributing growth. 

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